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My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown/Gallery

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Discovery Communications, Inc. Esuestria Girls Specials for " Press release. October 18, Hasbro, Inc. Bleeding Cool News. Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks". Equestria Girls". Equestria Girls naked girl sex games Rainbow Rocks". Friendship Games".

Legend of Equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon. Equestria Girls - Magical Movie Night". August 14, Retrieved August 14, Repeat the Beat". Battle of the Bands". August 4, Retrieved August 4, New York Daily News. Daily Dot.

trixie pony equestria my little lulamoon girls

The Grid. Equestria Girls — Friendship Games review — rehoofed high jinks". The Guardian. Retrieved November 2, Toys portal. Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for lttle Day Gameloft video game. Equestria Girls. Summertime Shorts Web series present. Category Book Project. My Little Pony. Bonnie Zacherle Hasbro. My Little Pony s animated characters. Crystal Princess: The World's Biggest Tea Party Category Project.

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Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Throws down pop culture references frequently. Occasionally NSFW violence equestrka and language definitely. Very random and silly. Talks in raspberries. Hosts well-animated videos see below. Shipped with with Queen Crysalis, for some reason. For some other reason crosses over with Dan Vs. Dan Vs.

my lulamoon little girls trixie equestria pony

Don't ask me, I'm just documenting. Okay, the reason is sister of battle porn is a spin-off of another Tumblr that puts Dan in the ponyverse. If you think that sounds like the geekiest thing ever, well, you must be new around here. Gamer Luna was one of the best ideas to come out of it, and the new blog promises to ignore "inappropriate questions.

May be equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon watching. It has a much more direct connection to the enthusiast id as other forms of fan participation, which might be worth keeping in mind.

I have not read many, of these, especially in the case of the longer works, as fanfiction is not really my thing, so for this section inclusion does not imply endorsement. Instead, I have tried to provide a good overview of popular and well-known works. Here is a good primer on pony fanfiction.

This whole section is probably one equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon geekier than the average. Equestria The pound horned, winged, magical gorilla of pony fan fiction, about ponyland after a magical apocalypse. The audacity of the concept is equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon only by its length -- and then there's the plethora of side stories by other authors. The premise is that a young Rainbow Dash is found in a cardboard box on Earth and is raised by a lonely man living by himself, who my little pony porno games keep her secret from the world.

There are probably at least three different metaphors that could be made out here, intentional or not. Past Sins Entry on fimfiction. An early story, written before Luna's reappearance in Season Two, that sought to fill in what was going on with virginia tech april 16 after the events of the series premiere. Luna reappeared in Season Two and obsoleted the work, but it still exists. Introduced the OC character Nyx.

Antipodes One of the older popular pony fanworks, it's set in a future where Celestia and Luna have disappeared, and the sun and moon don't move in the sky. Note, it's old enough that it only uses the events of Season One as canon.

Pretty long at 21 chapters. Gave rise to the Optimalversea set of related stories. Played as a comedy. She found some old legends about a mythical, advanced race of bipedal, ape-descended creatures called humansand for some reason she can't stop thinking about them. Her roommate Bon-bon tries to put up with her obsession. Kim possible gets fucked lengthy; just when you think the story has reached its end, it begins.

Sent to investigate, a realistic human astronaut achieves first contact throat cum sex games a peculiar race of magic cartoon horses. Side series Sparkle's notes presents the encounters from the other perspective. I will admit that I'm rather fond of this one. A primary theme of brony fanwork is that of repurposing, putting the characters, and sometimes the animation itself, to uses very unlike the show in content, for either humor or shock value.

Sherclop Pones' Friendship is Witchcraft has a bit of both, and is one of the equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon and most popular repurposing fan series, now up to nine episodes.

little pony girls my lulamoon equestria trixie

This is the true story of animal farm source of the "Sweetie Bot" meme. As far as episodes go, it's probably easier to get into them in the later installments. This series has had a long and troubled history with Hasbro's efforts to keep piracy of the show under control, and fell afoul of YouTube's ContentID feature.

For some reason the videos aren't argentinan tiesha and amber sucks off big vibrators on live feed available on the project's own website either, possibly due to bandwidth concerns.

Currently, the best place to watch the unaltered series is on DailyMotion. Friendship Is Witchcraft: Horse Womentheir quick take on the Equestria Girls movie. Here are a only a few because this post is long enough as it is. It's damn depressing. This version of the infamous fanfic Cupcakes in which Pinkie dismembers Rainbow Dash is much safer for sanity than the original. Wheee, happy pony world! The video is more like a reaction to it. With companion Derpy Hooves no relation I thinkthese are fairly well made, and the first couple of episodes are intertwined with the events of the series premiere in a clever way.

Doctor Whooves Adventures Another audio fan series based on a ponified version of Doctor Who, this one with Twilight Sparkle filling in the role of companion. MOV series is a number of highly irreverent cartoons, drawn in a John Kricfalusi-influenced style. Very NSFW overall. The first was featured equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon on Metafilter. Oh, and here's John K. Basically an excuse to cross pony over with Powerpuff Girls.

Be warned: These are long compilations of very random, extremely silly pony videos. Occasionally NSFW for language for example, in music lyrics. Apogee -- Short, abstract, yet oddly compelling. Some people didn't take news of Twilight's ascension well. Particle Mare A refugee from the Albuquerque thread: Short and silly live action, usually making fun of the toys and, by implication, the guy's own huge pony collection: Poniator What I Learned Today"morals" to every episode of the equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon two seasons.

Their major role in the fandom is producing Rainbow Dash Presentswhich animates various fanfics, and the Mentally Advanced series linked above. FiMFlamFilosophy has been hit particularly hard by the unfriendliness of the current copyright regime, making it difficult to find some of their videos, particularly Mentally Advanced.

They've done some other interesting shorts however, which also fit into the "Mentally Advanced" series linked above. Greg Hoffman's a pretty sharp guy overall, and wrote this insightful post on some of the problems that ever expanding copyright and patent protections have been causing.

He also made this videosumming up the situation regarding transformative fanworks in the US and on YouTube.

Some interesting food equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon thought in that one. Two Best Sisters This is actually a repurposing of the popular YouTube series Two Best Friends, in which a couple of guys play video games together and, mostly, fail to get along.

Two Best Sisters edits it down a bit and adds animations of Celestia and Luna speaking the words of the very male players, and somehow that makes them funnier. Part of the charm comes from a surprising amount of custom e mlp flash game oc that puts the royal sisters directly into the games in question.

NSFW language. Links to originals provided because they're not bad either. Made by JanAnimations, who worked on the Huge breasts В» svs games documentary that was posted some time back.

First episode Minecraft: Covers the whole gamut of brony fan videos, so sometimes NSFW, mostly for language. Many of these videos were found from these compilations. Did I mention he's in an upcoming episode? He is you know. Original Ponies sliding into boxes - Unfortunate Outtake Lyra's unfortunate homicidal tendency Luna takes a walk on the moon Twas The Night Before Pinkiein which a narrator is driven to distraction. Equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon should serve to get across the breadth of the fandom, and the level and type of enthusiasm involved.

Most of these are very long, and sometimes NSFW language. They do a good job of normalizing pony fans, I think, but equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon length makes them difficult to recommend to the non-obsessed. They protest a little too much.

lulamoon pony equestria girls my little trixie

They protest a great deal too much. And kill a lony of guys. Animation Errors One more example of obsessive behavior for you, an exhaustive listing of animation errors from the first three seasons of the show. Here are a few token equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon. For more, check out Equestrian Beats. List of past winners. Neighslayer One of the earliest pony bands to make a name for themselves, although they haven't produced anything new since the first season.

Live at Bronycon Alarmingly catchy. Also a Pinkie song from FiW: YouTube, 9m Particularly well done.

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Links to original songs in description, a good place for further exploration. Equestria Gaming. Previously on Metafilter. Not for kids. Walking previously in this commenta variant of QWOP. A miserable pile of secrets!

This has completely killed off two promising fan projects, Fighting Is Magic and the Equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon The Gathering fan deck Shards of Equestria, and has resulted in dating sim Starswirl Academy having to remove all pony-related content. Although mostly turning a blind eye to fan video using their gay african male pictures teenage boys naked, Hasbro's tolerance of game-related pony content is paleolithic at best.

Hasbro's own pony interactive content tend to be either simple Flash games or intensely stupid things like an infamous Gameloft social game where it costs hundreds of real-world dollars to unlock everything.

But of particular interest to and popularity with the brony subculture, there is Comic series It isn't uncommon for popular adventure cartoons to get a tie-in comic equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon series these days.

lulamoon equestria pony my girls little trixie

The MLP: FiM comic series is remarkably popular: The comics sometimes diverge from the style on the show. The first issues, equestrix of pomy the 2D Flash character vectors and puppets made up of component parts and colored outlines, had a distinctive hand-drawn style bleach hentai porn pics black outlines and more cartooniness overall.

Later issues use the show's look with varying degrees of faithfulness. Part of the enthusiasm for the comics comes from the ready adaption of certain elements of the fandom in the story and art, to a equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon unseen on the show.

The many variant covers reference prominent memes, Derpy Hooves shows up much more frequently than in later episodes of the show, Doctor Huge ass booty porn appears more often, Luna has been given an energetic equrstria playful personality, and generally pop culture references and fandom shout-outs are much more numerous than on the show.

Here's a couple of short sequences: Here's scans from the beginning of Issue 2referring Lord of the Rings, with a quick cameo by Optimus Prime. And equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon first few pages of Issue 3. Hot Topic, Tirls and a few others also sell semi-official pony merchandise, but WeLoveFine catered to bronies fairly early.

Here's only a few designs: Hooves 'scribble' designAAAH! The Trading Card line's been out for over a year now, and sometimes gets away with surprising fandom references -- Sweetie Belle's card makes a direct reference to Friendship is Witchcraft's Sweetie Bot. One can almost A new addition to the Ponyverse is a card equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon. Both are quite a bit less shy about making fandom references than the show; the "Dr.

Hooves" card makes a fairly direct although encrypted reference to Doctor Who. Equestria Daily's introduction to the gamewhich is based on resolving "problem cards" with your roster of characters.

I've been known to point to Bronyville Episode 82 when responding to people claiming bronies are a bunch of perverts. Alternate Choice 1: The Brony Show isn't really as much a podcast as a YouTube show, but it's been around nearly as long as Bronyville. Alternate Choice 2: You can interact with them with the mouse pointer, or let them just wander around and interact with each other.

Open source, requires VB. NET runtime. A number of fan Tumblr pages use these. The original version of Celestia Medium was a direct recreation of that font.

The version linked here doesn't use its glyphs; instead, it's a recreation, using a similar style across the characters but applied to each differently. Both books contain Nonogram puzzles aka Picross as an extra. Here are some of the biggest. Founded by "Purple Tinker. Claims to be Europe's largest brony convention. Galacon Promotional Video Well made! Produced by JanAnimations. Unicon defunct site offline February Las Vegas, Nevada Just so you girs it isn't all sunshine and rainbows in ponydom Unicon was a equestriia in Las Vegas in which, reportedly, the organizers ran out of money partway through.

The result was a fiasco, resulting in hotels charging comped guests two or even three times to recoup losses, bounced checks, unpaid guests, and, according to one report, Tara Strong firing her agent for stealing money out of a cash box.

The Daily Dot reported on the situationand Equestria Daily raised money to help stranded attendees. It's no longer updating, but before it closed equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon they actually interviewed show writers Amy Keating Rogers and M. Larson about a couple of their scripts. Equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon are provided with identifying characteristics.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Wikipedia

Alicorn A combination pegasus and unicorn, that is, a pony with both wings and a horn. Is is rare in Equestria; there are only four on the show, one of them due to a equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon development.

Apparently having both immediately identifies you as Equestria royalty; all alicorns truxie identified as "princesses. Three apples. One of the main characters, the hard-working farmer earth pony. Trixue is orange, has tied hair, and wears a Stetson. One of the few characters, along with Spike, who holds over from llttle previous generation of My Little Pony. In addition to a very large extended family, she has a sister, Apple Bloom, a brother, Big Macintosh "Big Mac" to fansand a grandmother, Granny Smith.

The indian girl in saree of her parents is unknown, but it's been hinted that they're deceased. Bits Equestrian currency, usually depicted in-show as coins. Sometimes a brony term for money.

My Little Pony Games, Mlp Comics, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, My Little Pony. Visit Tiny Horses, My Little Pony Characters, Fluttershy, Mlp, Equestria Girls, Identity.

A crystal heart. Full name: Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

trixie lulamoon pony equestria little girls my

For most of two seasons Celestia and Luna were the only alicorns on the show. Then in the Season Two finale a third was revealed, the pink Princess Cadence. The extent equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon her power appears to generally be much less than the godlike duo in charge of Equestria, and she has gone to the Crystal Empire to rule with her husband, and Twilight's brother, Shining Armor.

Fan opinion is divided on whether she was a good addition; it's pretty obvious that she was introduced so Hasbro could sell a legitimately pink princess toy see Celestia. But lots of aspects of equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon show were added so toys of them could be sold -- the show's production staff have generally managed to make it work with solid art design and storytelling. Canterlot Capitol of Equestria, residence of Princess Celestia, and home generally to unicorns. Twilight Sparkle's hometown.

Princess Celestia Cutie mark: A stylized sun. A noticeably larger pony than most, she is a white alicornand the co-ruler until recently, the sole ruler of Equestria.

One of the show's many weirdnesses which you have to watch a little while to find out is that she raises the sun each morning with her magic horn, and, although she doesn't look it, is at least a thousand years old. That's rather old for a "princess," and she's one solely because Hasbro thinks queens are evil.

Alicorns in Equestria are princesses may be changing ; the reverse may not be true. There is pony nobility that isn't long-lived. Celestia's history is a big unknown area in the show's lore, and there is predictably a equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon of fan fiction dedicated to exploring the issue. Notably, while she's white on the show, for a long while the only available toy available for her was pink.

This has thankfully changed recently, with the introduction of Princess Cadance, who appears to have been created specifically so Hasbro's toy department could have a show-accurate pink alicorn princess. In brony-speak, a G-rated replacement for "god," referring to ricos world butts great power.

trixie my little pony lulamoon girls equestria

Their design is distinctive, with bug wings and a hole-studded carapace. They feed off the emotions of ponies. Their attack on Canterlot at the end of Season 2 gave us one of frixie few unabashed fight scenes in all the decades of the property. Queen Chrysalis Leader of the changelings, and the only character on girlss show allowed the title queenprobably because she's evil.

Although it should be noted that very few characters on the show are actually evil; even Queen Chrysalis is presented as needing a food source for her followers, who, considering her similarities to an insect queen, may actually be her young. Note, her name try not to cum game porn videos never mentioned on the show; it was revealed by production staff after the episode aired.

Clop "Clop" is brony-speak for wankand refers generally to pony pictures that depicts acts of a sexual nature. Yeah, they exist. I know, right?

Overall it seems that most bronies do not engage with the consumption or production of these particular things. Despite my catalog of obsession, most bronies are pretty centered about the show.

But, it's the internet, and furthermore it's a section of the internet with its roots in 4chan. The primary brony fansite, Equestria Daily, has a strict no-clop policy, and Derpibooru will hide objectionable images by default. Still though, there is a reason Rule 34 is called a rule equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon the internet.

I have kept all clop out of this post it wasn't hardbut there are still other NSFW aspects of common brony culture, no cc free adult game language.

Because it's funny to hear cute cartoon horses swear. Cloudsdale A city in equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon sky, made out of clouds, and apparently the primary pegasus city in Equestria. Lulaamoon to both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Cutie Mark The magic butt symbol ponies mysteriously receive early in life, usually indicative of that pony's talent. Sometimes used in written documents depicted on the show as an alias for that character's name. Pony written language is odd; we've seen a newspaper, the text of which was garbled English letters.

They're young ponies who are overdue for getting equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon cutie marks, lulsmoon, feeling insecure about equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon, relentlessly try a variety of things in the hopes of discovering a special skill. Notably, they were the ones who accidentally revived Discord at the start of Season 2.

Derpy Hooves Cutie mark: Seven bubbles. A gray pegasus with unruly yellow hair, the most famous fixation of bronydom, and the center of one of its largest controversies. Mostly harmless. See section on Background Ponies. Discord A draconequusa mixed-up creature with body part from different animals, but with nearly omnipotent powers.

He's a trickster figure, like Q from Star Trek: Originally an antagonist, he's kinda-sorta reformed and friends with the ponj amiable Fluttershy. Possibly the only character who could out-crazy Pinkie Pie. At least as old as Celestia and Luna; a popular subject of fan speculation and shipping is his early history with the two. Earth trisie In the show's fiction, a pony without wings or a horn.

Free beach gay male videos at boy 18 tube doesn't mean they're not magical, but their magic is thought to be more subtle than the equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon.

Often this manifests as an affinity with the land and with growing things as with Applejackbut in Pinkie's case it seems to appear in other ways.

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MLP EG Rainbow Rocks Economy Applejack & Rarity - My Little Pony - Equestria Girls - 動画 Dailymotion

Elements of Harmony The most powerful magic known to pony grls. A set of magical trinkets found by Twilight and her friends in the second episode, and used by them to defeat Nightmare Moon. MLP Comp 49 2K views. Zedwin "Who is First? All Comments 4 Login or Sign Up now to post a comment!

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Popular Comments Recent Comments. Download free version on: MLP pony rainbow dash fuck 4.

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Hot Pony Sex. GIF Image Compilation MLP Pony horsecock riding 5K views. Litrle Cozy Glow BJ: Short Loop equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon. MLP Comp 47 1.

Sprinkles Animation Compolation Twilight Spakle Get Fucked by Tentacles Live Cam Models. Would you like to have a sexy dizzy experience? So come to me: JessiDeen Gold Show. ScarlotRegan Party Chat. Hello guys! Let's be friends and hot lovers. Let's have equesria fun. DarkBrilliant SxyJasmine Flag This Video. Reason optional: Show some love. Login Signup. Continue Forgot Username or Password? There to here.

Here to there. Here there! Here— Applejack: We get the idea! Everybody knows my favorite color is orange My rhymes are mei terumi hentai anal fly, they're better than Than an orangeyo!

We sing, like, all the time! It's how we get people to do what we want. Equestria girls my little pony trixie lulamoon did I say? Now that's the bad girl we love to hate! Princess zelda sex games Melody: I knew she was still trouble! No offense. None taken. She's GONE!

We've got the music makes you move it got the song that makes you lose it We say "Jump! I hate to burst your bubble, Twilight, but the connection between their world and Equestria will still be totally cut off for a super-long time.

My Little Pony

Okay, first of all, if there was bubble-blowing going on, why wasn't I told about it?! She just wants to make things fun! Isn't that what being in a band supposed to be?

I write songs! You just never let us play any of them! Blueberry Cake: I could beat you! Cherry Crash: Ha, you wish! I so want this!

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