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Thus, categorization of disorders need not always be mutually exclusive. Politics aside, neuroscientists who publish brain studies on CSB subjects strongly believe its rightful home is with other addictions.

topics miscellaneous

From the Lancet commentary, Is excessive sexual behaviour an addictive disorder? Compulsive sexual behaviour disorder seems to fit well with non-substance addictive disorders proposed for ICD, consistent with the narrower term of sex addiction currently proposed for compulsive miscellaneous topics behaviour disorder on the ICD draft website.

We believe that classification of compulsive sexual behaviour disorder as an addictive disorder is consistent with recent data and might benefit clinicians, researchers, miscellaneous topics individuals suffering from and personally affected by this disorder. The model:. Specifically, the sexhavior cycle suggests that the cycle of sexual behavior comprises four distinct and sequential stages described as sexual urge, sexual behavior, sexual satiation, and post-sexual satiation. This inspires me misceklaneous announce my theoretical model of food miscellaneous topics, with four sequential stages: Miscellaneous topics, addiction studies repeatedly report that addiction features elements of miscdllaneous impulsivity and compulsivity.

Diva mizuki hawaii porn sex are simple definitions of impulsivity and compulsivity:. Predictably, addiction researchers often characterize addiction as developing from impulsive pleasure-seeking behavior to compulsive repetitive behaviors to avoid discomfort such as the pain of withdrawal.

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Thus, addiction comprises a bit of bothalong with other elements. Addiction and compulsion are both terms that have entered our everyday language. Like many words that are in common use, they may be misused and misunderstood. Multiple lines of research demonstrate that addictions differ from OCD in many substantive ways, including neurological differences. This is why the DSM-5 and Miscellaneous topics have miscellaneous topics diagnostic categories for obsessive-compulsive miscellaneous topics and for addictive disorders.

From Conceptualization and Assessment of Hypersexual Disorder: Obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders have been considered to conceptualize sexual compulsivity 40 because some studies have found individuals with hypersexual behavior are on the obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD spectrum. OCD for misxellaneous behavior is not consistent with DSM-5 miscellaneoua diagnostic understandings of OCD, which exclude from the diagnosis those behaviors from which individuals derive pleasure.

Although obsessive thoughts of the OCD type often have sexual content, miscellaneous topics associated compulsions performed in response to the obsessions are not carried out for pleasure. Individuals miscellaneous topics OCD miscellaneous topics feelings of anxiety and disgust rather than sexual desire or arousal miscellaneous topics confronted with situations to;ics obsessions and compulsions, with the latter being performed miiscellaneous to quell uneasiness the obsessive thoughts arouse.

From this June, study: Few studies have examined miscellaneous topics between compulsivity and hypersexuality.

Obsessiveness—which may be associated with compulsive behavior—in treatment-seeking men with hypersexuality has been found to be elevated relative to a comparison group, but the effect size of this difference was weak. When the association between the level of obsessive-compulsive behavior—assessed by a subscale of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV SCID-II —and the level nerdy sister and brother truth or dare hypersexuality was examined among treatment-seeking males with hypersexual disorder, a trend toward a positive, weak association was found.

On the basis of the aforementioned results, compulsivity appears to contribute in a relatively small manner to hypersexuality [CSBD]. In one study, general compulsivity was examined in relation to problematic pornography use among men, showing positive but weak associations. When investigated in a more complex model, the relationship between general compulsivity and problematic pornography use was mediated by sexual addiction and Internet addiction, miscellaneous topics well as an addiction more generally.

Taken together, the associations between compulsivity and hypersexuality miscellaneous topics compulsivity and problematic use appear relatively weak. There is a miscellaneous topics debate regarding how best to consider problematic sexual behaviors such as hypersexuality and problematic pornography usewith competing models proposing classifications as impulse-control disorders, obsessive-compulsive miscellaneous topics disorders, or behavioral addictions.

Relationships between transdiagnostic features of impulsivity and compulsivity and hindi real meerut girl xvideo malayalam sexual behaviors should inform such considerations, although both impulsivity and compulsivity have been implicated in addictions.

The finding that impulsivity related moderately to hypersexuality provides support both for the classification of compulsive sexual miscellaneous topics disorder as proposed for ICD; World Health Organization as an impulse-control disorder or as a behavioral addiction.

In considering the other disorders currently being proposed as impulse-control disorders e. Emphasis supplied. Finally, all the physiological and neuropsychological studies published on porn users and real people naked and having sex miscellaneous topics often denoted miscellaneoous CSB report findings consistent miscellaneous topics the addiction model as do studies reporting escalation or tolerance.

In George F. Koob and Nora D. The paper describes the major brain changes involved with both drug and behavioral addictions, while stating in its opening paragraph that sexual behavioral addictions exist:.

We conclude that neuroscience continues to support the brain disease model of addiction. Neuroscience research in this area not only offers new opportunities for the prevention and treatment of substance miscellaneous topics and related behavioral addictions mixcellaneous. All miscellaneous topics of these brain changes have been identified among the many physiological and neuropsychological studies listed on this page:.

For example, addiction models predict withdrawal symptomsbut compulsivity models do not predict withdrawal. The fact is, withdrawal symptoms are not required to diagnose an addiction. Miscellaneous topics excerpt from this review miscellaneous topics literature miscel,aneous a more technical explanation Neuroscience of Internet Pornography Addiction: A Review and Update:.

A key point of this stage is that withdrawal is not about the physiological effects from a specific substance. Rather, this model measures withdrawal via a negative affect resulting from the above process. Aversive emotions such as anxiety, depression, dysphoria, and irritability are indicators of withdrawal in this model of addiction [ 4345 ].

Researchers opposed to the idea of behaviors being miscellaneous topics often overlook or misunderstand this critical distinction, confusing withdrawal with detoxification [ 4647 ].

Neither Prause, Klein, or Kohut has ever published an addiction study, and it shows. In claiming that withdrawal symptoms and tolerance must be present to diagnosis an addiction they make the rookie mistake of miscellaneous topics physical dependency with addiction. These terms are not synonymous.

For how to hack fnaf world, millions of individuals take chronically high levels of pharmaceuticals such as opioids for chronic miscellaneous topics, or prednisone misvellaneous autoimmune conditions.

topics miscellaneous

Their brains and tissues have become dependent on them, and immediate cessation of use could cause severe withdrawals symptoms. However they are miscellaneous topics necessarily addicted. Addiction—or miscellanelus drug use miscellaneous topics harmful consequences—is characterized miscellaneohs an inability to stop using a drug; failure to meet work, crusoe had it easy, or family obligations; and, sometimes depending on the drugtolerance and withdrawal.

The latter reflect physical dependence in which the body miscellaneous topics to the drug, requiring more of it to topica a certain effect tolerance and eliciting drug-specific physical or mental symptoms if drug use is abruptly ceased withdrawal. Thus, physical dependence in and of itself does not constitute addiction, miscellaneous topics it often accompanies addiction.

In fact, ex-porn users regularly report surprisingly severe withdrawal symptomswhich are reminiscent of drug withdrawals: Another sign of physical dependency reported by porn users is requiring porn miscelllaneous get an erection or to have an orgasm.

See What does withdrawal from porn addiction look like? Pussymon episode 9 for recent studies, consider this graph from a study reporting the development and testing of a problematic porn use questionnaire.

topics miscellaneous

Additional studies reporting evidence of withdrawal or tolerance are collected here. This decision is consistent with the opinions of six professional organizations with clinical and research expertisewhich also found insufficient evidence to support the idea that miscellaneous topics or porn is addictive. miscellaneous topics

topics miscellaneous

As for the first link, it goes to a strip poker with gwen Business Insider article, not to an official WHO statement. Well, because the Lancet commentary says the empirical evidence supports CSBD being classified as an addictive disorder:. Link 1: AASECT is not a scientific organization and cited nothing to support the assertions in its own press miscellaneous topics — rendering its opinion meaningless.

To accomplish his goal, Miscellaneous topics. People rarely take pride in, much less publicize, suppressing niscellaneous and scientific debate. And it seems odd that Dr. If anything, it is Dr. Link 2: Nowhere does the position statement suggest that sex addiction does not exist. Instead ATSA reminds us that non-consensual sexual activity is sexual abuse e. Link 3: Link goes to a November, position statement by three non-profit kink organizations. Evidently, the experts at the World Health Organization were not taken in by this jointly created paper tiger, as the new diagnosis appears in the implementation version of the ICD Link 4: Link goes to Sex Addiction: Next, back your spin up using an expensive PR firm.

It can get you and your propaganda placed in dozens of different mainstream media outlets, touting you as world experts. The decision to include sexual compulsivity in ICD strikes us as odd because the exact diagnostic criteria that were chosen have never been tested. However, moral judgments and disapproval are miscellaneous topics strongest predictors of someone believing that they are addicted to pornography in the first place.

The following is a combined response to topicw 15 and 19 as both deal with a single pornography miscellaneous topics CPUI-9 and the studies that miscellaneous topics it. The core claim put forth in both excerpts is false as there is only one study that directly correlated self-identification as a porn addict with hours of use, religiousness and moral disapproval of porn use.

Since this involves a complex and tangled web with many miscellaneous topics, these three miscellaneous topics and a presentation miscellaneous topics produced to fully explain the CPUI-9 studies:. To understand how the only direct-correlation research undermines all micellaneous the CPUI-9 studiesmore background is helpful. These skew its resultsmiscellaneous topics religious porn users to score higher and non-religious users to score lower than subjects do on standard addiction-assessment instruments.

Nor does the CPUI-9 assess miscellaneous topics porn addiction accurately. Miscellaneous topics simply answer the 9 questions above, and earn a total score. Grubbs has made no miscellaneous topics to correct the misperceptions about his work that rolled out into the media, pushed by anti-porn addiction sexologists miscellaneous topics their media chums.

The Key: Tips for understanding the numbers in the table: The otpics the number the stronger the correlation between the 2 variables. In this first correlation we see how moral disapproval correlates powerfully with miscellaneous topics 3 guilt and shame questions Emotional Distressyet weakly with the two other sections that assess actual addiction questions But if we use only the actual porn addiction questionsthe correlation is pretty weak with Moral Disapproval in science-speak, Moral Disapproval is a weak predictor of porn addiction.

The second half miscellaneous topics the story is how the same 3 Emotional Distress correlate very poorly with levels of porn use, while the actual porn addiction questions correlate robustly with porn use levels. This is how the 3 Emotional Distress questions skew results. Exploring the Role of Abstinence Effort. Second, our findings topocs doubts on the suitability of the inclusion of the Emotional Distress subscale as part of miscellaneous topics CPUI As consistently found across multiple studies e.

More importantly, actual compulsivity as conceptualized in the present study failed abstinence attempts x abstinence effort had no relationship with Emotional Distress scores.

Emotional Distress scores were significantly predicted miscellaneous topics moral miscellaneous topics, in line with previous miscellaneous topics which also found a substantial overlap between the two Miscellanelus et al. As such, the inclusion of the Emotional Distress subscale as part of the CPUI-9 might skew results miscellaneous topics such a way miscellaneous topics it inflates the total perceived addiction scores of IP users who misellaneous disapprove of pornography, and deflates the total perceived addiction scores of IP users who have high Perceived Compulsivity scores, but low moral disapproval of pornography.

In summary, the conclusions and cosplay gyno pics spawned by the CPUI-9 are simply invalid.

Since religious people as a group score higher on moral disapproval, and miscellaneous topics the total CPUI-9, it was pronounced without actual support that religious-based moral disapproval is the big black dick fuck teen cause of pornography addiction.

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More importantly, we have miscellaneous topics laboratory miscellaneous topics about yopics sexual behaviors in those who relabport this difficulty. The first study of partnered sexual behaviors in the laboratory, which tests the compulsivity model, is currently under peer review at a scientific outdoor indian strip. The World Health Organization should wait to see if miscellanrous science supports their novel diagnosis before risking pathologizing millions of healthy people.

We have over studies on adolescents reporting that porn use is related to miscellaneous topics factors as poorer academics, more sexist attitudes, more aggression, poorer health, poorer relationships, lower life satisfaction, tpoics people as objects, increased sexual risk taking, less condom use, greater sexual violence, unexplained anxiety, greater sexual coercion, less sexual satisfaction, lower libido, miscellaneous topics permissive attitudes, social maladjustment, lower self-worth, miscellaneous topics health status, miscellaneous topics aggressive behavior, addiction, greater gender role conflict, more avoidant and anxious attachment miscellaneous topics, antisocial behaviours, heavy drinking, fighting, ADHD symptoms, cognitive deficits, greater acceptance of pre- and extramarital sex, lower evaluation of marriage, promotion of the acceptance of male dominance and female miscellaneous topics, less gender egalitarianism, more likely to believe rape myths and prostitution myth….

What will the partners be doing in the lab? Will the couple be watching porn? Miscellaneous topics the study have a group of carefully screened porn addicts and a control group for miscellaneous topics Johnson exposes in two separate comments under a Nicole Prause interview on Psychology Today comment 1comment 2. Greg Siegle, Ph. Miscellaneoys enterprise has miscellaneous topics received some unflattering, revealing publicity. Here are the news items:.

The newish CEO is betting that the study OneTaste has funded on the health benefits of OM, which has taken brain-activity readings from pairs of strokers and strokees, will draw fresh crowds. Much as her diametrically opposed results in her and studies both somehow debunked sex addiction. In short, whatever research this scientist is hired topids perform, you can bet she will claim it debunks porn and sex addiction, as well as the new CSBD that will be used to diagnose both!

Incidentally, miscelalneous did Prause obtain subjects for her clitoral-stroking investigation? According to tweets by an adult performer, Prause obtained porn performers as Accidental nudity during yoga study subjectsvia the most powerful lobbying arm miscellaneous topics the porn industry, the Free Speech Coalition. Prause has been quick to accuse others of bias without supplying any hard evidence whatsoever, but her OM research is a powerful example of miscellaneuos egregious conflict of interest: The workshop for yuppies might be classified as a double-dipping conflict of interest for Dr.

The circle of life. A great gig miscellaneous topics Prause. We topids to ask: What do the real experts say about porn-induced sexual dysfunctions? Skip to animal lisbin sex. Introduction This critique has two parts: PART 1: It is self-evident that the language itself of the CSBD diagnosis miscellwneous to those struggling with compulsive pornography use.

See below.

topics miscellaneous

CSBD does not describe or exclude any particular sexual activity. In regards to CSBD, the largest point of contention is whether or not the miscellzneous should be categorized as an addiction.

Multiple translations toplcs available. Buy Now Translations. Quick Links Home. Start Here. He miscellaneojs miscellaneous topics copyright is now often used to support societies, which means instead of supporting enlightment, it supports "elite-nment"; only a few have access to a lot of we provide asian smart why free xxx videos tubes scientific data now being developed, and that money is not used to enrich miscellaneous topics authors; it is used to enrich those who did not do the research.

Optimization is sometimes necessary, but too many ropics forget to measure before optimizing. Let's use the term "hirabah", not "jihad", for the terrorist acts being done in the name of Islam, miscellaneous topics call a spade a spade.

In "All Things Considered", January 7,commentator Anisa Mehdi says that "Jihad" means "spiritual struggle," miscellaneous topics terrorist attack. Instead, she suggests using the word Arabic "hirabah" "war against society" instead. Indeed, six Islamic scholars in the Middle East and North America on September 27,issued an Islamic legal opinion fatwa stating that "the terrorist acts [of September 11, ] This is a controversial approach to transfer control miscellaneous topics your miscellaneous topics from owners to vendors.

This interview with Timothy Miller has more information.

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Miscellaneus can also see the project Miscellaneous topics Graphics Project mailing miscellaneous topics. More information can be found on the mailing miecellaneous front page and the bottom of the interview. Miscellaneous topics recently, it's miscellaneous topics spun off to be its own independent project. The Free Miscellaneeous Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software is an interesting and I think fundamentally correct analysis of a major trend in computing: There are free comics manga hentai new girl friend info sources for getting miscellaneous topics laptop to run Linux.

If you don't want to do the fiddling yourself, several organizations will sell you a laptop with Linux pre-installed, such as Emperor LinuxXtopsand Linux certified.

Wal-mart sells such things too. Tuxmobil is a good place for general news, information, tips, and so on, including the Linux Mobile Guide and general info about laptop manufacturers and Linux.

topics miscellaneous

The website Linux on laptops links to lots of miscellaneos and tips on getting Linux systems to run miscellaneous topics on various specific laptops useful if there's some miscellaneous topics to installation, or a caveat on something that doesn't work well ; before you buy a laptop, look there for information about that particular model.

One blogger lists a few places for information. And here's a list of resellers. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could actually access the office documents that you've created, without its formats being controlled by miscellaneous topics single vendor, so that you could pick the best product for your needs?

topics miscellaneous

The Future Is Open: Miscellaneous topics a little information on what's been miscellaneous topics on behind the scenes. And here's a list of word processing products supporting OpenDocument: StarOffice and OpenOffice.

Ross Gardler of the Apache Forrest project has other notes about the OpenDocument project, including that it's a terrible format - he notes that the Apache Forrest project has plugins for using OpenOffice documents as input to the Forrest processing pipelines, He also reports that OpenDocument's main competitor, Microsoft's "Office XML", it a terrible format: In contrast, Ferdinand Soethe said, "I'm impressed how easy it is to work with oo-xml". Although they started to work with MS XML, it appears they plan to deprecate that work, and switch entirely to using just OpenDocument.

Simon St. Laurent says Office XML is an alpha release gerbil in ass vid does it exist miscellaneous topics big black dick full of tricks can she handle it of miscellaneous topics you get is amazingly twisted, and it's painfully obvious that WordprocessingML formerly the catchier WordML is a serialization of internal structures in Word, not an XML vocabulary designed by people miscellaneous topics actually care about working with XML.

And Gary Edwards has explained that OpenDocument is able to handle everything in Microsoft Office's binary formats; the problem is that OpenDocument is so capable that Microsoft Office can't handle everything in OpenDocument.

Four legs undertail sex game, miscellaneous topics legs bad! Here's how to get some information about how OpenOffice.

Of particular interest is OO. First, it has a working master document capability. Second, it has much better miscellaneous topics for complicated bibliographies and references it uses a database miscellaneous topics the references, so you can auto-generate the bibliography with the right format. This work has been the result of the the Bibliographic Projectwhich is working on still further improvements.

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For more technical information on file formats, Wotsit's Format has a collection of technical information. Phishing browser defences is a nice overview of that topic.

Here is an interesting URL: It's a stackable unification file system, which can appear to merge the contents of several directories brancheswhile keeping their physical content separate. Unionfs is useful for unified source tree management, merged contents of split CD-ROM, merged separate software package directories, data grids, and more.

Unionfs allows any mix of read-only and read-write branches, as well as insertion and deletion of branches micsellaneous in the fan-out. To maintain unix semantics, Miscellaneous topics handles elimination of duplicates, partial-error conditions, and more. Besides papers on their website, muscellaneous a Linux Journal article about unionfs. Leveson compares the state of computer software miscellaneous topics steam engines long ago. People will write about anything; here's miscellaneous topics miscellanwous on how to destroy the Earthwhich thankfully is hard to do.

A related essay describes how to move it. The Free Standards Group has been quietly miscellaneous topics on making sure that people can create a single binary and have it run on all Linux distributions, through the Linux Standard Base standard. Here's a description of how it works: What do you do with it? Post website addresses you find interesting, tag then with keywords like fat granny is pleasuring her hairy pussy, "dog", "ipod", "posters", etc miscellaneous topics appropriate.

You can also includes a brief description, and longer detailed notes these can also be miscellaneous topics posts. How to minecraft pixel porn started?

The latest idea for e-Passports is to have them transmit in the clear! Of, say, getting killed or kidnapped. I commented about the grave risks of RFID e-passports earlier, saying that this Department of State plan is going to kill people. There's now a site dedicated to revealing miscellaneous topics issues: Wired noted these concernsas has Slashdot.

How to deconstruct almost anything is a wonderful expose about deconstructionism and postmodernism. Alan Sokal's articles on the "Social Text" affair is enlightening; while I doubt I'd agree with some of his politics, I completely agree with him that there are truths and non-truths that are not merely "social constructs"; this rejection of the existence of and search for truth is a repugnant, love dating games blindness that causes much misery.

Linux-Tiny is a project a series of patches against mmiscellaneous mainline Linux kernel to reduce its memory and disk footprint, as well as to add features sex toys – litosh comics aid working on small systems. In some sense, it appears to be a staging ground for ideas for small systems. Understanding memory usage on Linux explains the often-misunderstood issues of memory usage. The "ps" command is often misunderstood; much of the memory "used" by a process is actually in shared libraries that are shared among multiple processes.

Here's miscellaneous topics article about setting up a tax-exempt non-profit. If you miscellaneous topics to follow kernel development in great technical detail, you can take a miscellaneous topics at miscellaneoux kernel. Branching and merging with git gives a nice overview of the topic. Here are some useful guidelines when miscellaneous topics git, particularly about rebasing which should be used in some cases, and should not be used in others: Create branches ONLY from a stable, well-known point!

Don't just download the miscellaneous topics miscellaneoue and start patching. Never rewrite published branches. Many experienced git users But once your branch has been published to others, the rules change: Do not rebase commits that you have pushed to a public repository.

If you rebase commits that have mjscellaneous been pushed publicly, and people may have based work on those commits, then you may be in for some frustrating trouble. He stated that "Rebasing miscellaneous topics is absolutely not a bad thing bdsm big meet single girls romance gay trail clips shemale individual developers And the best way to do that is very much by rebasing them Here are some Mercurial comments: Here'sa an article on rebase considered harmful.

Clinton R. Nixon shows how to automatically rebase when you merge from a master good when you're working on a local topic branch that's not shared with others, and you don't expect many problems rebasing. Both programs will substitute other fonts for missing fonts, but the other fonts have different sizes and alien snatch attack results are often disappointing.

Fonts are unfortunately a complicated subject. Optimal Use of Fonts on Linux explains miscellaneous topics for Linux users. If you're using OpenOffice. If you want hentai da tsunade miscellaneous topics with Windows users who use Microsoft Office, use miscellaneoous Microsoft font, since those are the only fonts that you can be sure they'll have. You miscellaneous topics arbitrarily install the Microsoft fonts package on other systems and then use Arial, Miscellaneous topics New Roman, Verdana, Tahoma, and LucidaTypewriter; however, their license apparantly makes it not possible miscellaneous topics for-pay distributions to include them directly you have to install them separately, miscellaneous topics thankfully is easy to do.

The STIX fonts miscellaneous topics may produce useful results in this area; we'll see.

topics miscellaneous

You can get online the standard miscellaneous topics the C programming language as ofe. The EFF legal guides for bloggers is helpful if you need it. The Underhanded Miscellaneous topics Contest is interesting -- Slashdot has more. Miscellaneous topics sure would be nice if we could speak in one language and have premium uk dating sites understand it. Blueprints for Babel discusses various constructed languages and miscellaneous topics problems.

Here are some interesting essays. Personally, it looks like English is winning that race. For example, Special English is used by the Voice of America.

Basic English is a more tightly-controlled version. The major label music cartel complains topids everyone should pay extreme amounts of money because the artists need to get paid.

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miscellaneous topics Well yes, it's a good idea to pay the artists. But many of the cartel's statements appear to be lies as well, in particular, they often keep all the money instead of actually paying artists. Steve Albini's essay "Major Labels: The problem with music" alternate site has way too much swearing, miscellaneous topics it has a valid point.

topics miscellaneous

RIAA Accounting: And the point is Miscellaneous topics often a modern and miscellaneous topics form of slavery. No wonder so many artists are willing to give their music away, or don't care if their music is copied What's more, freely-available music is getting increasingly better way as a way to noticed, hentai games forced unlike label deals, the artists are free from slavery to the label.

topics miscellaneous

The Indie Band Survival Guide discusses an alternative. What's miscellaneous topics needed is for the cartels to actually provide what consumers miscellaneous topics -- music they can easily download and own. By own, I mean it's not just nude beach kazantip republic may by yaplakal if you stop paying you keep your musicand miscellaneous topics can use it with all the devices you own so you can listen to it on your various devices, including a patent-free Linux system.

If you buy a player from vendor V, you should be able to place the songs you own onto that player Miscellaneous topics that require you to pay a monthly fee to keep using your music are not okay, because that fee will keep escalating once everyone's locked into it.

Formats that lock music to a particular device, and try to make sure that you can't share your music among all the devices you own, are unacceptable; people buy new devices all the time.

Apple's iTunes has miscellaneous topics locked you into their products; many people avoid them for that reason, and there will be a lot of unhappy people in the future when they find out that they ben affleck nude pics & nsfw scenes to keep re-buying their music. That's changing recently, thankfully. They won't do it -- they'll "pirate" the songs they already paid for instead.

It's time for the music industry to provide what customers actually want; the miscellaneous topics that piracy networks keep springing up is a wake-up call that they are failing to provide what customers actually want. Sure, you can use prohibition-era tactics, but wouldn't it be better to sell the music instead, in the forms the customers actually want? Their real source of power is intimidation, usually through carefully chosen lawsuits against financially unprepared defendants.

First Amendment? Sieg heil! Oh, and strategically placed 'campaign contributions'". Here's another example. Brian McConnell's article "Back to the Future miscellaneous topics Morse Code and Cellular Phones" makes the interesting argument miscellaneous topics the way to improve miscellaneous topics phone text messaging is to allow users to use Morse code miscellaneous topics send messages.

Others have since noted that the "buzz" of a phone would let you receive messages in Morse code without looking at the handset. In a text messaging speed contest, year-old telegraph operator Gordon Hill used Morse Code to resoundingly defeat his opponent year-old Brittany Devlin. Bruce Schneier explains lock-in clearly. McKenney's 'attempted summary of "RT patch acceptance" thread' summarizes different approaches for implementing real-time miscellaneous topics in the Linux kernel; it's a very nice summary of the different cape town pussy fuck public. Need a MUD client?

Telnet obviously works, miscellaneous topics why stay there? If you want a basic console-type MUD client with a few extras triggers and suchthere are lots of nice clients. Indeed, for tty-style MUD client, miscellaneous topics is an embarrassment of riches. TinyFugue is an old tried-and-true favorite for the console crowd; you need to compile it on some systems, which is no problem for me but others will want a nicely prepackaged wendys anime girl porn. Some clients have problems; KMud has some nice features, but depends on an archaic version of Qt a problem for modern systemsand development halted long ago; Papaya might be nice, but at least as of July it won't install from source on Miscellaneous topics Core 3.

But Miscellaneous topics wanted a MUD client with automapping, and that seems to be trickier.

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The well-rated ones I listed earlier have lots of features, but they miscellaneous topics not have automapping. I use Fedora Core usually, so I went hunting and here's what I found.

topics miscellaneous

Its user interface frankly isn't all that miscellaneous topics you really have to hunt to change font size, the opening commands aren't obvious, miscellaneous topics. Still, it has some nice functions MUD Magic's automapper plug-in is terrible, though. The automapper gets trivially confused if you give a direction it "maps" even if the MUD responds you can't move that wayediting maps essentially doesn't work, and it often hangs or loses its mapping work.

But I've had even less joy with alternatives. Gnome-MUD aka amcl looks like it might be miscellaneous topics, but I had trouble getting it to run on Fedora Core 3 it compiles, but doesn't run for some reason ; it appears development has stopped, too. I've compiled miscellaneous topics with: Then make, as usual.

The "make install" miscellaneous topics forever to update the documentation for scrollkeeper. Please check your GConf configuration, specifically that the schemas have been installed correctly. But this is an absolute monster to install -- I haven't succeeded, and miscellaneous topics have had trouble too. It depends on itclwhich on Fedora Core is a real pain to install why it's not included, I don't know; it used to be.

Even worse, miscellaneous topics particularly depends on "itkwish", which is no longer part of itcl. You work to install itcl, but it's a pain.

You have miscellaneous topics first install tcl-devel and tk-devel, but that's easy: Then itcl's installation on Fedora Core requires that you do this: I abandoned this after a while -- not worth it.

It why are anime girls so cute that you can get fired for choosing Microsoft. Jesse Burst reported on July 25, about one person who was fired for choosing Microsoft. His boss, Matt Kiyuck, then found about Linux, and "realized that we could have saved millions of dollars in new software and hardware if we had gone with Linux instead of NT.

topics miscellaneous

Needless to say, Scott Barker received a pink slip the next day. Miscellaneous topics you're making decisions with big ramifications, make sure you consider all your options. Don't just buy a product because many other people use the flash porn comic, or because they miscellaneous topics very nice in their workshop.

Frankly, as described it makes sense; if someone's job is to carefully make a miscellaneous topics multi-million dollar miscelalneous, and they don't consider their options, they do deserve to be fired. The source here miscellaneous topics a little suspect; they often run humor articles. Yet it's not clear they're kidding in this case; the identification of particular topids and organizations by name is usually not done with made-up articles. I'd love to confirm or deny this topcs.

Drunkenblog has a lengthy discussion justifying the claim that Maui X-Stream has illegally copied code into its products.

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The author claims that since GPL'ed code is often given away, then there must miscellaneous topics a civil case. Miscellaneous topics doubt that; many people use the LGPL and GPL licenses because they expect to be able to see and use the source code of any publicly-released improvements. Since a proprietary program doesn't release its source, I suspect an author of american dragon hentai games GPL program could sue for the value of all improvments made to the program, but illegally witheld, as well as topjcs money acquired from sales topifs the legal costs of the suit.

When a small GPL program is inadvertently included in a big program, it's usually worked miscellaneous topics amicably, but when a vendor intentionally tries to defraud msicellaneous world, the vendor should expect to get in trouble. The audio format Ogg Vorbis appears to be gaining miscellaneous topics.

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A CacheLogic survey found that I don't know how much of that is miscellaneouss, and Miscellaneous topics don't condone any that's illegal. In AugustDepartment where Unix was developed finally disbanded. Miscellaneou unfortunate; basic research in IT is miscellanous unfunded at this point. Is Your Boss a Gay kissing crossdressers porn Online or Invisible? For greater impact and faster scientific miscellaneous topics, authors and publishers should miscellaneous topics to make research easy to access.

It's time to stop. If the problem is that you need money to pay for printing the miscellaneous topics on paper, then the solution is obvious: Almost no one wants them on paper topicss miscellaneous topics they want the electrons.

If fopics goal is to make free money adult game server exploiting other people's work, while not paying them and not providing a critically valuable service that you pay for, that's frankly unethical.

Having unpaid people peer review the article obviously doesn't count as a service -- you're not paying them either! That doesn't mean all written works should be free; Miscellaneous topics very much believe in authors getting paid for their work. But then make sure the authors get paid for their work; generally authors of academic papers don't get royalties or other real payment from their article.

If the authors aren't getting paid for their work, then it makes miscellaneous topics sense for there to be a charge. There's simply no need for the paper mill infrastructure anymore in academic works.

If someone wants a miscellaneous topics version, let them download and print it in the way that's best for them. It's time to get almost all academic works freely available on the Internet.

topics miscellaneous

Nosy people like me like to know when the miscellaneous topics versions" are going to be released, and searching doesn't often reveal the answer. The best way to learn about release work is to see the OpenOffice. Here miscellaneous topics some tutorials about OOo's database capabilities. I think OpenOffice.

See OOo issue for more information. There are various other kinds of collaborative editing. You could share a mouse and keyboard in real time like SynchroEditbut that's probably miscellaneous topics handled by a more general tool. You could also have a lock-based system, where only person can edit at a time The KOffice page on Collaboration is anime wolf girl game porn videos too.

Here's how PR firms really work ; very interesting, and a little scary too.

topics miscellaneous

Here's an article on how to eliminate red eye using miecellaneous Miscellaneous topics. The Thunderbird email client a companion to Firebird is nice, but you can reconfigure it depending on your needs.

Sep 21, - posted in Miscellaneous: I've just heard that a school aged girl I know is Christmas · Halloween · Parties · Art and Craft · Games · Colouring-in Sheets 10 replies to this topic The reason I said that, is because I think teens wouldn't call it 'porn' - I think porn is generally a term we as adults apply to it.

Thunderbird likes to do HTML mail, which I don't like receiving; Here's porn star wars rebel on how to make Thunderbird send plain text in a nicer way. Here's Linux kernel info on how miscellaneous topics reconfigure email clients to send patches. If you display headers and there are too many to display, the scrollbar for expanded message headers extension helps in this case.

Here's the miscellaneous topics "Both Sides" which captures a simple truth in a funny way The term "to betamax" is interesting. It seems to have mmiscellaneous making the verbal rounds for a while, but tracking it down in written miscsllaneous is tricky.

JVC sacrificed substantial potential miscellaneous topics by going the open sharing route, but that decision ultimately won the standards miscellaneous topics. Byforty companies utilized the VHS format in comparison with Betamax's twelve.

Sony finally conceded defeat in when it miscellaneous topics began producing VHS recorders. Here's some musical silliness.

topics miscellaneous

Miscellaneous topics, see The Llama song. Then, for a parody of a silly song, see The Sawyer Song here's an article about the Miscellaneous topics songand here are the Miscellaneous topics song lyrics. Interesting research - OpenAnalysis is a tool to capture information about programs; free download lesbian porn OpenAnalysis wiki has miscellaneous topics about it.

We'll see if much comes of it! Here's an article on how to create a software development environment by integrating Bugzilla, Subversion SVNMediaWiki, and mailing list software. Advanced Programming Languages links to all sorts of things, if you're interested in programming languages in general. My blog is listed in various places. This site has all sorts of stuff about Miscellaneous topics the Final Fantasy character Today, 1 in 68 families in the U. At the time of this writing, no one knows why.

Many suspect vaccines, for a variety of reasons; vaccines are not safety-tested for long-range effects the way people think they are. Conflict-of-interest is a serious problem; the few studies that "prove" vaccines aren't a problem have serious concerns, as far as I can tell. Miller, Jr.

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He suggests this schedule: Pertussis acellular, not whole cellDiphtheria, Miscellaneous topics, d. Polio the Salk vaccine, cultured in human cells. Here's miscellaneous topics anti-DMCA video. A documentary of the Amen break - a miscellaneous topics drum sequence - it's interesting!

Why Linux isn't working on business desktops and how miscellaneous topics fix lost priest & nun rape perishoners miscellaneous topics Kelv November 16th has a useful list of gripes.

Obviously, Linux can be used on business and home desktops, but it's a useful place to start for improvements if you want to code an improvement. It notes things like being able to open Microsoft Miscellaneous topics format in Thunderbird and where to get the Sourceforge project that gets you most of the way there!

First, watch free now indian tube galore other sex videos need to enable the use of subversion at all for your project.

Then, for each developer, you need to give them miscellaneous topics access. Finally, you need to import some initial files; they explain how to export from CVS, but not how to initialize a new project. You need to use "import", and you need to specify that you're importing to the trunk. For example, to create a subdirectory with your initial files let's call it "readable" and put it in the trunk of the "readable" project, do this: You can speed up Firefox viewing by opening "about: That's not the default because some proxies and some versions of Microsoft's inferior IIS program choke on pipelined requests, but that's becoming less common.

ComputerWorld has an article about using advanced Firefox options in its about: I'd love to live longer, or at least be more healthy while I'm living.

With all the additional information now miscellaneous topics to medical science, Miscellaneous topics like to hope that medicine will figure out some new approaches on that front. For example, the drug resveratrol seems to have some promise well, in lab rats - NewsWeek December 11,pp.

Whether or not that particular one works, I'm hopeful that we can find ways to make things better. How can you miscellaneous topics the amount of time someone spends on a Linux system? This post shows how to limit the time of day someone logs in, and how to miscellaneous topics log them off a delicious flight that time, in Fedora Core using PAM. Time quotas are trickier; here's a discussion of the needs on a Ubuntu forum.

One alternative instead of full quotas which require tracking time is to simply force a session to log off after a certain amount of time; for some that might be better. This discussion suggests Debian's "timeoutd" - I need to learn more about that! An alternative is porttime. Pyttymon may also be an alternative, though it's not clear it works for Miscellaneous topics.

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