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I order him to his knees, and immediately soccer kick sadsit square in the nuts to take him down even lower, bringing him eye level with my gorgeous feet and stilettos. I drag him naruto bangs sakura up by his leash, and control his every movement as I dig my dagger like stilettos into his most prized possessions.

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He cant move a muscle. His only option is to stand there and take my delicious agony. Over n over I kick, stomp, slap and crush his cock kiks balls relentlessly, sadist little redhead full force kicks ballbusting cfnm he comes to realize that in the future he should shut the fuck up sophia glass toys take his punishment without complaining or whining. Because I have the power to make him whine far more loudly, squeal actually, with a good swift kick to my puppets family jewels.

He tries to dismiss her, but she gets his attention by stepping on his balls. Say it! Tell me you like it!

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